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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Psychidelic Garden Tick

I'd emptied the trap and potted a few bits to photograph, and walked back into the garden with nice bright sunshine just appearing to gather a couple of props. As I walked down the garden I saw a small dark moth flittering about (after a good few years of moth trapping you can pretty much distinguish a micro flying about versus any other flying insects) but had nothing to hand other than, well, my hand. A couple of missed grabs, and then I had it neatly tucked in. A quick peek confirmed that it was a micro, it was dark and there were some paler markings. A few minutes later and I'm looking at it in a pot and realise that it looks a Psychid. I grabbed a couple of quick shots and was happy that it was a garden tick Narycia duplicella, albeit a worn one. A couple of hours later I had another go, as the other side looked less worn.

Narycia duplicella - 669th moth / 357th micro for the garden

There was some nice karma in managing to catch this. Had I been at work I'd of missed it, and it's good to now add it to the garden list after I added it to the VC55 list back in 2004.

Narycia duplicella, reared ex-larva found at Swithland Res 27/03/2004, emerged 07/05/2004

I've seen the adult a couple of other time as well, including another success rearing one from a larva.

Narycia duplicella, reared ex-larva found at Swithland Res 05/03/2006, emerged 18/04/2006

Here's some other bits from the trap.

Peach Blossom

Pale Tussock

White Ermine

Thistle Ermine

Diamond-back Moth


Gibster said...

Ooof, back o' the net!

Skev said...

I reckon the back of the net would have been better for it than the palm of my hand, but needs must!