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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Sex on the Birch

No, it's not a new cocktail. I found this pair of Hawthorn Shieldbugs in-cop on my garden Silver Birch sapling this evening .....

Hawthorn Shieldbug

I guess if I had hawthorn in the garden they may have chosen it instead. I'd nipped in the garden to get a prop for some moth photography. I decided it was time to have a quick look for something different and I plumped for an algae-covered terracotta plant pot. Not sure it was ideal, but never mind. I find choosing a prop a bit hit and miss - everything works well for something and not so well for others, and frankly I once I'm set I just need to get on with it using whatever I picked. I do need to get out and sort out some new props, different stones and bark and ideally something with a nice lichen colony,

Mottled Beauty

Small Magpie

Barred Straw

Willow Beauty

Short-cloaked Moth

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