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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Terror Stickers

Pterostichus ... come on then, how would you pronounce it?

I used to think it was Te-row Stick-us (ie with four syllables, but spoken with accent on the St making it sound like two words), but then I heard someone say Te-ros-tic-us (still four syllables, but flowing more evenly as one word).

Either way, it's doesn't matter how you say it as when you find one it's pretty much inevitable that you won't identify it immediately from external characters. I've still got three from Ketton Quarry on 02/06/2017 to sort out when I can be arsed to get the key and microscope out. I think I know what they are, but I could be well out and they may not all even be Pterostichus spp. Here they are anyway, one day I'll update this post with their ID.

Big Pterostichus sp. - possibly P. nigra

Medium Pterostichus sp. - possibly P. maddidus

Small Pterostichus sp. - possibly P. strenuus

I've got a new phone - ditched my iPhone 5S and now have a Samsung Galaxy S8. Here's a quick snap I took of leaf mines on Colmbine that we have growing on the front garden. It's not cropped, just straight off the phone and resized for the blog.

Phytomyza miniscula - a leaf-mining fly

And here's a couple from the garden trap last night:

Silver-ground Carpet

Coronet - still waiting for a nicely variegated individual

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