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Skev's Tunes

I used to be in a a couple of electronic bands back in the day. We started as The Red Branch being a bit synth-poppy in the mid-80s, and became iNDUSTRiE with a harder edge in the late 80s/early 90s. We thought we were great, and in some ways we were - but we existed and strived between the age of analogue, early digital synthesis and into sampling, and then fizzled out before the age of the internet, easy home-recording and digital file sharing. We never recorded anything formally, but a few tracks survive having been mastered from a four-track where we bounced tracks around to create enough multi-layering.

In more recent years I very occasionally play about with a DAW package (FL Studio) and a load of free software synths on my PC and create something. I'll share links on here to some very old stuff and anything new. It won't be a regularly updated page!

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