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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Some torts

By far the best way to photograph moths is in natural light on natural substrates. But given that it's usually too bright, too dull, too windy or (sometimes) the moth is too valuable to lose, then often you're forced to photograph indoors with compensatory lighting. I've tried a few things over the years, and some were better than others. Currently, I'm trying out a couple of lamps with 45W 5500K compact fluorescent 'daylight' bulbs'. It's a far from ideal set-up, but certainly better than nothing and I'm getting used to it. The trick as always is getting the white balance set right (with photographers 'grey' card), using a tripod, selecting a suitable photography prop, putting the camera on self-timer mode and having the patience of a saint. It looks something like this (except with the camera on the tripod!).

Upturned mug to get the subject up to right height is optional .....

Here's some tortrixes from the garden traps - one thing I'm still guilty of is zooming in too far and losing some depth on the subject.

Epinotia bilunana

Notocelia trimaculana

Codling Moth

Notocelia cynosbatella

Marbled Orchard Tortrix

And this one's not a tortrix ....

Bryotropha affinis


Gibster said...

Say what you like buddy, but whenever I click onto your blog I think, "at least the images are gonna be awesome, even if the blog title isn't..." haha I made that last bit up on the spot, so sue me :) I trawl my way through various blogs and take it from me, your macro shots are way up there with the very best. They'd be crap without that upturned mug though.

Skev said...

Thanks. I think. After 10 years blogging on and off, post titles are the least of my concerns. 'Inconsiderate Spotty Bastard' was one of my favourites. You'll like tomorrows though .....