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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Pug Parade

Been getting a lot of pugs to the garden traps lately, just about more than all other geometrids combined. Nothing unexpected though. Lots of moth recorders struggle with pugs, but once you've seen loads of each of the commoner species you can almost name them from size, jizz and time of year ... in the dark. I say almost, because there's always one oddly marked bugger that throws you. But just accept that once they're worn there's not much point dithering about them; ignore them unless you're going to get every worn pug gen detted.

Green Pug

Common Pug

Mottled Pug

Grey Pug

Freyer's Pug

And here's a couple of carpets whilst I'm at it .. 

May Highflyer

Spruce Carpet

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