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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I've got the (long) horn

Nipped out to one of the local sites that I used to bash during the 2013 1000 in 1K square challenge, but I haven't been there for a good three years or so now. The site was more overgrown in some repsects, with wide grassy/weedy margins and decent-sized hawthorn hedgerows - but the main 'meadow' parts were slightly sad as they'd been recently mowed leaving swathes of cuttings all over the place. Also, a large dead ash tree that I'd previously gathered a few beetles from is now inaccessible, buried in nettles.

I managed to net, pot and photograph a few bits though, with a handful of PSL ticks like Dasytes aeratus, Pachyprotasis variegata and Nomada fabriciana (none of which I've pointed the camera at!).

I did point the camera at some of the more obliging beetles though .......

Anaglyptus mysticus - love this species!

Cantharis rustica

Cantharis figurata

Wasp Beetle

Cantharis nigricans

Cantharis somethingorother (haven't worked this one out yet)

Freshly mown down and not as good as it could be meadow

Large inaccessible felled ash tree

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