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Friday, 1 May 2020

Mixed Up

End of the week, and the weather has shown some signs of perking up for the weekend. Just as well, as I think I've just about come to the end of any useable photos. Here's a random mix.

The moth trap has not been out since Monday night, when it got wet and yielded not much, but I've got a couple to share ...

Yellow-barred Brindle - one I forgot to post with the last lot from Sunday 26th

Spectacle - the only NFY in Monday night's trap

I've got a couple of beetles found on windows / window frames, one more welcome than the other.

Anaspis maculata 
This was on the outside of an upstairs window, and I managed to pot it one-handed whilst on a call to work. Forgot about it until when I tipped in onto a windowsil for a lazy snap today. NFG

Varied Carpet Beetle - sadly resident!

And some garden randomness .....

Orchesella cincta

Tipula somethingorother (if it was November I'd assume confusa)

Scraping the barrel

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