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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Wild Turkey

I mentioned that I was going to go and look at a tree. This one.

This is a large mature Turkey Oak in a hedgerow alongside a layby near to Sapcote. But with the grey skies, wind and height of the lowest boughs, getting anything resembling a nice photos of bits of the tree was futile. Worse, I was hoping to look at and get some shots of the acorns on this tree - but I could not see a single one. However the verge and roadway immediately below it were littered with the distinctive 'Medusa haired' cups and a few separated acorns, maybe having been battered by the winds. But the cups did not look fresh like they'd just fallen, so perhaps this species drops them earlier anyway.

Meanwhile, I have enjoyed a drop of this in the past. If you like a smooth peaty malt, this is nothing like it. It's a bit rough and makes your toenails curl. Like Turkey Oak acorn cups.


martinf said...

not sure I have ever tried bourbon!! And after that description I won't add it to my 'drinks to try before I die' list!!

Skev said...

Honestly, it's not that bad - I'm just not going to ever suggest it would be preferable to a fine peaty malt.