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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Hot Stuff!

It's been bloody hot so far this week! The factory I work at is hot at the best of times with multiple big industrial ovens, but in post-Covid world (with additional PPE and no air-cons) in addition to the relentless outside temps it's been pretty oppressive. I've been too hot and bothered to nip out and flounce around with net or camera after work, and to be honest sinking a beer and nodding off has been preferable. The overnight trapping has picked up in terms of numbers and variety, but really nothing too exciting other than more Tree-lichen Beauty (four last night).

Here's a load of bugs, hoppers and shieldbugs from Ketton Quarry on Friday, unceremoniously dumped onto a leaf and snapped with flash as quickly as possible. This just about clears a backlog of useable images. None of it is really hot stuff. I lied.

Cicadella viridis

Nabis limbatus - Marsh Damselbug, a new one for me

Deraeocoris ruber

Evacanthus interruptus

Coriomeris denticulatus - Denticulate Leatherbug

Adelphocoris lineolatus

Mocydia crocea

Aelia acuminata - Bishop's Mitre Shieldbug nymph

Phytocoris varipes

Euscelis incisus - another new one

Eurygaster testudinaria - Tortoise Shieldbug

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