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Sunday, 9 August 2020


After getting out and about throughout the week, I'm having a chillout weekend. Weather is not so great today anyway and I'm planning on a couple of beers with the Grand Prix on - that should score me some serious old-man zzzs before I go back to work.

I didn't bother putting the moth trap out last night, wind was up and it had cooled a bit. Having said that, the mothing over the two previous nights was very disappointing. The trap itself wasn't though, plenty of other interesting inverts arriving. With that and a heap of bits from Ketton Quarry I've got too much for one post. I'll share some now, which is a medley of bits from the trap and a range of beetles.

On both Thursday and Friday nights, the traps have attracted a number of beetle species and have been bulging with 100s of Bradycellus verbasci and Staphs of two species which I've worked out to ....

Anotylus rugosus - new for the garden

Oxytelus laqueatus - new for me

And a couple more selected beetles from the traps ....

Notaris scirpi - new for the garden

Dromius meridionalis - keys to this, thought it may be different as darker than I recall

Other inverts from the traps included these ....

Lesser Earwig - good to see a handful of these over the two nights

Common Wasp
Far less thrilling to be finding dozens of these in the synergetic trap, there has to be a nest nearby.

Trigonotylus caelestialum
This one is new to me, immediately stuck out with the candy-striped first antennal segment.

The following were all swept from flowering vegetation at Ketton Quarry on Friday:

Sermylassa halensis - a new one for me

Variimorda villosa - I seem to only see this at Ketton Quarry

Pyrrhalta viburni


Gibster said...

Seeing as you don't have your "great music" box for me to tick any more, can I just state that this is officially some effin great music. Thank you. Also, I have moff trap envy. Big stylee.

Skev said...

Some fine Celtic vibes. From London mainly. You not getting much dipteran joy in your light trap?

Gibster said...

Loaned my trap to a fella 2 years back. Haven't seen it or the b*stard since :/