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Monday, 7 May 2012

Super Flies

Loads of flies sunning themsleves on fence posts etc at Croft Hill yesterday, plus a good number of hoverflies on flowers and shubbery - here's a selection .....

Anthomyia procellaris, characteristically feeding on bird shit

Calliphora vicina

Tachnia fera Probably Face Fly (Musca autumnalis)

Volucella pellucens Leucozona lucorum (knew this didn't look right somehow, and completely missed that it was this smaller similar species which I haven't seen before)


Anonymous said...

Not Tachina fera. Musca autumnalis?
Not Volucella pellucens. Leucozona lucorum?

Skev said...

Thanks - I'll check those out. Who are you?

Skev said...

Don't know how I missed Leucozona lucorum - thanks for that. Checking again I think the other fly probably is Face Fly. Hopefully then the others all looked right!