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Monday, 14 May 2012

Garden Ticks

The garden lawn was, up until early afternoon on Saturday, more of a burgeoning meadow. Lots of flowering grasses and a few flowers thriving following the very wet period and then a couple of dry and warming up days. I spotted some tiny speedwell type plants right at the edge of the lawn where it meets the patio, and worked out that they were Wall Speedwell - a new one for me. Just as well I noticed them and managed to get a few shots as Nichola promptly got the mower out and mowed the dry half of the lawn (still damp at the bottom, though the standing water has at last drained/dried). There are still a few there though as the plants are very short and the mower was set high.

Wall Speedwell

I also noticed a small 'carpet' of green stuff on the soil surface of a large plant pot that has got my tiny Oak sapling in. I realised shortly afterwards that I was looking at my first liverwort species, and soon after incorrectly identified it as Crescent-cup Liverwort. I have since been advised that it is actually Marchantia polymorpha (many thanks to David Gould).

Marchantia polymorpha

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