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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sixty / Freedom

As Israel marks sixty years as a nation, there are clearly mixed feelings and thoughts about what has been achieved. To me, it appears that the main achievements are:
  • border expansion beyond those proposed/agreed in 1948 (agreed by everyone except the Arabian states affected that it!)
  • war with all neighbours (any claims of 60 years of peace is absolute fucking bollocks)
  • leading middle-eastern nation in the global arms race (yes, they are nuclear)
  • did I mention the border expansion and occupation
  • etc

I hope I'm wrong, but I am not betting money on a fully acceptable-to-all solution to the Israeli/Palestinian dispute in the next couple of decades. And seeing as the UK and the UN fucked the whole thing up in the first place I wouldn't look there for answers.

Meanwhile, over in Burma, we have a Military Junta prepared to let their own people suffer and die rather than accept help and aid from western nations/individuals. This is just so fucking unbelievable I don't know what to say. Our politicians may not be liked (because they are all cunts) but it's when you get a glimpse of life (and death) in places like Burma that you realise how lucky we are. Unless you live in Tewkesbury etc. - plenty of government help in flood-affected areas I'm sure.

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