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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Gisborne's Gorse 14/05/2008

Although the forecast wasn't great, I knew that last night would probably be the last chance of getting out anywhere before working away next week. The forecast for tonight and the weekend looked no better and probably worse. So I set out to leave three traps running at Gisborne's Gorse in Charnwood Lodge. Even in unfavourable conditions, leaving traps in decent woodland habitat, sheltered from any strong breeze, should yield better results than a typical garden. Or not as the case turned out to be! After the poor garden catch I was not execting much, and this morning the traps took no longer to empty than it took to put them out in the first place.

Total Catch 20 of 11sp. (from 3 x 125W MV traps!!)

The only highlights really were two species that I probably won't ever see in my garden.

Grey Birch - great when fresh (unlike this worn individual)

Marbled Brown

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