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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Our man in Amman

Having never been to anywhere in the middle east before, I really didn't know what to expect on arriving here last night. As it happens, it was dark so I still didn't know what to expect although I did notice though on the drive from the airport was that the western capitalist machine has certainly been embraced in Jordan. McTakeovertheworld, KillFuckingChicken and Pizza Shite were all noted. The views from the hotel pretty much sum up Amman - a huge sprawling building site in the desert!

I guess Jordan, and Amman in particular, is not fully representative of the middle east as a whole. The hotel itself is a very swanky and westernised Sheraton with plenty of facilities that I won't use apart from Wi-fi and a bar.

A slight lie, as this is the pool I was sitting around whilst blogging with a beer!


russmalin said...

Jordan ! What is it you do for a living? Arms dealer???????

The Drunkbirder said...

Near enough! Metal boxes... for Metal Box!

Bashar said...

I dont know how i came across your post, I just want to comment on one thing "I guess Jordan, and Amman in particular, is not fully representative of the middle east as a whole", your absolutely 100% about that

Skev said...

Russ - I work for Crown (ex MetalBox). We make food and bev cans, but we have over 70 plants worldwide making all sorts of metal packaging. We have a plant in Amman and four others in the middle east - this was a joint meeting with all of my fellow quality managers from the other European and ME plants.

Bashar - I see you have a shared interest in Depeche Mode! I wish I had more time to see Jordan properly, sadly this really was a brief business trip. Our hosts from our plant in Amman took us to a couple of relatively traditional restaurants and to the Dead Sea (albeit the touristy hotel centre) - at least this gave the opportunity to see more of natural beauty of Jordan as a whole.