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Thursday, 15 May 2008

ATB style

Since getting it last year, I like to go out for a moderate 4 or 5 mile meander along local country lanes on my bike in the early evening in spring and summer. The bike is nothing fancy - just a basic Raleigh AT-20 with 21 Shimano Easy-fire gears. Nichola has got the same bike in a ladies frame. I've got a very poncy looking tool-bag thing under the cross-bar, and it's fitted with a trail-gator for when we go out biking with the kids.

Although it's an ATB style, I don't think it would hold up to any serious terrain. Even if it did, my legs wouldn't!

When I finally get the Vectra estate (now due end May) I'll have to see if the bike rack fits - I realy ought to take the bike out for a bit of birding around Rutland Water etc.

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