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Monday, 5 May 2008

From the garden trap - 02/05/2008

Total catch 9 of 7sp.
(125W MV 3 of 3sp., 80W actinic 6 of 5sp.)

Semioscopis steinkellneriana 1
Light Brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas postvittana) 1
Emmelina monodactyla 1
Muslin Moth (Diaphora mendica) 1
Cabbage Moth (Mamestra brassicae) 1
Hebrew Character (Orthosia gothica) 3
Early Grey (Xylocampa areola) 1

By far the commonest plume in VC55. A probably the dullest!

A take Muslin Moth as an indicator of things picking up a bit in the garden.

They may be a bit drab from above, but the bright yellow/orange forelegs are smart and you can't knock the antennae and fluffy thorax!

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