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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Amman 21/05/2008 - Champions League Final Edition

Today was strictly business until the evening. After the first couple of sessions of our inter-plant meetings in the hotel, we were taken to the Amman plant for a tour and and then on to a restaurant (Qaryat Al Nakheel). Other than many more Laughing Doves and a Hoopoe on the way, the only other birds I noted was a mixed group of Alpine and Pallid Swifts overhead as we entered the restaurant. After the delicious meal (meze with lots of mixed salads, humus and similar stuff with flat breads, falafel and then spiced lamb kebabs and grilled spiced chicken) we returned to the hotel. After a quick shower I was back in the bar for a swift Amstel (the only beers on offer seemed to be Amstel or Heineken, which I hate, or bottled Corona and similar). we then took a short taxi ride to the Champions Sports Bar attached to the Amman Marriott Hotel with the intention of watching the final. We arrived to a thriving and packed bar full of Jordanian youth bearing their Man United and Chelsea shirts, shouting and screaming at each other and singing football songs. Didn't expect that! We then embarked on a liver-threatening intake of Amstel (8 pints) whilst watching the game and enjoying a bit of banter with the youth. They were all very knowledgeable about the British game, even being aware of LCFC and their plight into relegation. I have to day that if I'd been at home this game would have gone unwatched, but in the surreal circumstances and with the beer flowing it was surprisingly exciting - I would have preferred Chelski to win though. We got back to our hotel very late and I eventually got to bed at 02:30 after a couple of large Glenlivets (no Macallan or Laphroaig on offer).

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