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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Overdue - Mullein

Here's another from the garden list archives. I've recorded Mullein from the garden traps on five occasions and in four years. All were singles, on: 06/05/2000, 30/04/2001, 07/05/2002, 30/04/2005 and 18/05/2005. From that pattern during the first six years of garden trapping, there was no reason to believe that this would be anything other than an almost annual visitor to the garden traps. But .... none since 2005. In fact I've not seen the adult anywhere else at all, and all of my other records are of the larvae that are pretty easy to fine on Mullein plants. It's never turned up in traps when out and about.

Here's a couple of old shots, from my first digital stills camera - a Sony Cybershot DSC-S50.

Mullein - 30/04/2001

Mullein - 07/05/2002

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