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Friday, 7 July 2017

Something Green, Something New

Warm, humid, still and overcast conditions last night should of brought an absoloute bonanza to the traps. There were a good few moths, but not exactly bulging at the sides or anywhere near the biggest catch of the year. There was a major highlight for me though, another new for the garden macro tick!

Green Arches

Okay it's not the smartest or freshest individual, but they all count. This is the 316th macro and the 676th species for the garden (as it stands, though there are a few pending confirmation, including a worn plain Argyresthia from last night, which may be A. glabratella).

So given that I've started with a noctuid, I'll use that as the excuse/theme for the page-filler shots .....

Burnished Brass

Heart and Club - 4th garden record


Large Yellow Underwing

Poplar Grey


Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing


Rufous Minor

Oak Nycteoline - 6th garden record

Small Rufous - 2nd garden record

Cloaked Minor

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