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Thursday, 6 July 2017

More New Torts?

Just a couple of days after adding Epinotia signatana to the garden list, and I now have another two interesting looking torts that will need formal det and are likely to be garden firsts.

One from 04/07/2017 is possibly Epinotia cinereana - a relatively new split having been previously considered as a form of Epinotia nisella. I've got a few garden records of E. nisella in July, although all from mid-July onwards and none this early in the month. Doubt I've seen the as-was E. nisella f. cinereana before - think all my records would be of the classically marked forms. Currently appears to be no formally confirmed records of E. cinereana from VC55.

Putative Epinotia cinereana - gen det pending
Post-script - confirmed (sadly!) as Epinotia nisella by gen. det.

The other one from last night is something else altogether. It's big (c24mm wingspan), and so worn that really I have no firm idea as to what it could be, although the apparent trace of a reticulated pattern with a couple of darker areas, along with the orangey/yellow head, are reminiscent of the recent adventive Gravitarmata margarotana. One that will need a get regardless!

A big bald tortrix
post-script - confirmed as Lozotaeniodes formosana by gen. det.

Otherwise, here's a few recent micros to fill the post up ....

Argyresthia brockeella

Tinea trinotella

Oegoconia quadripuncta - confirmed by gen. det.

Carcina quercana

Brachmia blandella

Caloptilia stigmatella

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