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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Overdue - Small Phoenix

Here's an odd overdue moth, not odd in the nature of the species but odd in that it really should be turning up a lot more than it has. You'd struggle to refer to it as anything but common, and it feeds on willowherbs that are everywhere. So why do I only have two garden records of Small Phoenix!? In fact when I looked back, it's so common that I didn't even bother to photograph either of my garden records despite them appearing when digital photography was new to me and I was grabbing shots of everything. I've seen this species all over the place, sometimes in numbers, so it's not one I'd feel obliged to get a shot of.

My two garden records came on 26/07/2001 and 15/05/2002. It's double-brooded (at least) and my overall VC55 records show that it could turn up anytime between mid-April and late August. So when will it pop up again here!

I at least tried to dig up an old photo of one in VC55 - from Skeffington Wood on 23/04/2004.

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