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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Plea for Botanical Help

Not that long ago, my botanical skill was completely non-existant. Now I am still pretty hopeless but I am learning and, at least, better able to find and match what I am finding to literature and on-line references. One such thing is this which I found growing along the undercliff and around the car park at Ilfracombe, which I have identified as Scurvygrass .. but which one. Is it Common, Early or Danish?

19/04/2012 Edit : thanks to Andrew Cunningham, virtually all of the queries posted here are resolved.

Danish Scurvygrass

Despite being a bit better than I used to be, the rest of these are still were complete mysteries to me - all from Devon. This one was growing on an inland stone wall at Marwood. Looks like a Daisy of some sort - any ideas?

Mexican Fleabane

This tiny thing Petty Spurge was growing in the Guineaford garden - the only one I found and highly unlikely to have been deliberately planted

This coastal plant had me puzzled as well - lots of it growing at Northam Burrows.

Sea Spurge

And for good measure, these very distinct looking mosses should be identifiable to someone who knows what they are doing! One on a stone wall at Guineaford and one from Northam Burrows.

A Syntricha sp.?

Sand-hill Screw-moss [Syntrichia ruralis ruraliformis]

Wasn't sure about this thing growing on top of an Ilfracombe stone wall though, but it's actually a clump of Thrift - didn't recognise it without the flowers.


Andrew Cunningham said...

01 - Danish Scurvygrass
02 - Mexican Fleabane (Sometimes called Devon Daisy)
03 - Petty Spurge (Probably)
04 - Sea Spurge (Not seen that yet myself!)
05 - Syntrichia sp. I think
06 - Syntrichia sp. again I think maybe S. ruralis ruraliformis
07 - Thrift

Skev said...

Andrew - that's brilliant help, many thanks. All look absolutely spot on.