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Sunday, 29 April 2012


In fact today was beyond miserable - the rain from well before dawn until late in the afternoon has at times been of biblical proportions.

This evening during the only clear interlude, after a hearty roast dinner suitable for a wintery Sunday, I nipped back to Grove Park to see whether the Wheatears from yesterday had lingered/scarpered/drowned. Turned out that they were still knocking about (presumably the same group anyway) and I made a positive count of 12. After a a re-count (12 again), I noticed that it was getting dark very quickly and within the 3 minutes it took to walk back to the car the skies pissed on me once again. It went from fairly reasonable early evening light to darkness and back during a 20 minute monsoon. April fucking showers my arse, I hope some bugger is building a big boat ........

1 comment:

Stewart said...

No rain here until dark Mark, but bloody baltic with a northerly wind. Like February on the coast.