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Thursday, 19 April 2012

English Midlands Drought Continues

Nipped over to Jubilee Park this evening - although the sun poked through for a few minutes whilst there it was much too late in the day to be of any birding use. But you never know, with these appalling drought conditions anything could happen. It didn't. Apart from a few Swallows, singing Blackcaps and Chiffs and 3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls in a field, the only really interesting thing was a Fox scampering through a field with something in it's mouth (couldn't tell if it was a Pigeon or a small Rabbit) whilst being chased by a flock of mixed corvids. So I just took photos of the park and the on-going drought.

I did notice that many snails were frantically trying to escape the arid terrain ....


Trent Duval said...

All that, and not a mention of the 25% loss of water from the leaking mains !
The irony was noted, but come on mate, are you getting a little soft ? (:0))

Skev said...

Yes, sorry. I can only manage full blown vitriolic ranting or biting satire on a irregular basis. I've also stopped typing fuck as often as I used to. I must be mellowing ;-)