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Saturday, 18 July 2020

Sitting on The Fence

This morning, after emptying both garden traps with nothing too exciting to show for the effort, I headed out again with the Lunar Hornet Moth lure to try and get dots on the map. It was warm, but overcast and breezy again - not ideal. First up I headed to Misterton Marsh. I hung the lure up on the opposite side of the road, where I usually lure Red-tipped Clearwing, and stood back to wait ....

The white dangly thing in the middle

My experience so far is that if Lunar Hornets arrive, they dither about the lure for a good few minutes so it's not necessary to intently stare at it constantly. Whilst waiting, I noticed that - as usual - the wooden fence and gates at the entrance to the site were covered in flies.

A closer look revealed quite a bit of invert variety, so I got the camera out and spent a very pleasant ten minutes or so snapping away. I knew most of this stuff would remain unidentified - for now at least- as trying to net anything would have spooked the whole lot, and probably been unsuccessful in any case. Sweeping a net against a hard wooden fence is doomed to fail.

Just as I put the camera down and turned around, the first of three Lunar Hornets zipped around the lure - happy days. A dog walker appeared from nowhere and after a quick explanatory chat, during which he made some sort of comment along the lines of 'amazing, I meet all sorts of weirdos whilst walking along here ...' I packed up and headed to try other sites. I should have gone home, as I spent the next hour and a half failing to see any further Lunar Hornets and seeing not much else at all.

The day got increasingly gloomier, but I headed out to Croft Hill for a mooch about in the afternoon - I really wanted to see more Beewolf action - and I also sorted out some grasses from along the lane. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer and sunnier - and I hope that the brighter outlook continues onto the later afternoon when the Foxes travel down to that there London ....

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