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Thursday, 23 July 2020

Russian Interference

I don't mean in some deep state-sponsored cyber spymaster Tory donor kind of way. I mean in a botanical sense, an adventive scourge on our waysides and byways. And of course a creeping vascular tick on my pathetic list of greenstuff. Russian-vine.

I found some of this at Croft Hill at the weekend, but it looked decidedly 'just-escaped' from the adjacent garden. Still, a quick look at Naturespot revealed a few nearby sites. I had to nip out to drop Alex off at work early this evening, so took a very minor detour to look for a sprawling mass of this stuff down a rural lane heading out of Broughton Astley - well away from gardens. It wasn't hard to find, as it stands out very easily creeping around amongst the more familiar bindweeds, brambles and hawthorns.

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