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Sunday, 19 July 2020

More Alluring

I headed out this morning on a whistle-stop tour of a few sites to dangle the Lunar lure. With success - another three sites, albeit in two tetrads. So far it seems that the peak response is within a two-hour window between c9am to midday, with warm sunny days bringing and earlier response and an earlier cessation. Whether I'll get another chance this year I don't know, they may be over by next weekend. I've also avoided heading out to look at a scraggy bone muncher - hurrah!

No moth trap out last night as it was forecast (and did) throw it down in the night, and not much else done today so here's a few snaps while I gather my thoughts.

Conops quadrifasciatus

Eriothrix rufomaculata

Male Beewolf (with a few light drops of drizzle)

Phytocoris ulmi - from the moth trap on Friday night

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