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Thursday 17 March 2011

Some moths what I photographed

Not long back from enlightening some small Cubs in the scout hut. About dissecting owl pellets and finding small mammal bones I hasten to add. They seemed to be suitably enthralled/disgusted/bemused about the whole thing, but as ever hopefully such exposure to different aspects of the natural world will trigger a life-long interest. If nothing else the leaders seemed to be fascinated by it all.

Here's a few shots from Tuesday night's traps ...

Acleris ferrugana
CONFIRMED - gen. det. by Jon Clifton Jan 2012

Twin-spotted Quaker - a garden rarity

Small Quaker

A properly Clouded Drab - you can see why it has that vernacular when you get these variegated forms

Double-striped Pug


Broom Birder said...

Ahh! Twin-spotted Quaker is a Mega in these parts too......only 1 raggy-arsed individual ever caught. Nice Acleris N/F, are you going to be weilding the knife?

Skev said...

Someone will Matt, but not me personally as I have neither the patience or dexterity required to do tiny gen dets!