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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Down the lane - again

After yesterday's false start, I was keen to get back down the lane this afternoon for a bit of warm sunshine and to generally enjoy whatever was on offer. Birdwise, these was actually very little of big interest on offer, although I managed another two OFFH yearticks with a Mistle Thrush and Lapwing. Still good numbers of Fieldfare, a couple of Buzzards and the usual Little Owls, but sadly no further sign of Yellowhammers or the Tree Sparrows from late Jan.

I spent a lot of time poking around under bark etc seeing what I could find, which resulted in a few photos of molluscs to have a look through some time. I also snapped a few other bits like these ....



Red Dead-nettle

I think this is Xanthoria parietina - common on everything.

Anyone recognise this fungi?

Hawthorn Shieldbug

Lace-weaver Spider

Also thought I'd share a couple of views from the wider area - beyond the lane! Once I leave Springwell Lane, to the east lies Countesthorpe, to the south is Whetstone Gorse and to the west is Cosby. The two arrows on this map extract mark where the following two views were taken ..

Whetstone Brook, viewed looking north from Countethorpe Road

The Railway Cutting - looking south(ish)along Whetstone Gorse Lane

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Anonymous said...

Excellent set of pics, Mark. The unknown fungi looks like old Jelly Ear.