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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Nibbling at my Nuts

It's not often that I get any mammalian action at my bird feeders, and then it's either a grey bushy tailed tree rat eating nuts or a big instinct driven feline trying to eat the birds.

Whilst checking the moth traps last night though I spotted something hanging on my nuts. I nipped in for the point and shoot and luckily it stayed there - at least until the flash went off and then it scarpered pretty quickly.

Wood Mouse

At least I'm pretty sure it's a Wood Mouse - smallish, big ears, as happy up a tree as on the ground ... let me know if I'm wrong.


Bennyboymothman said...

I just Rofl'd at that picture! so cute.

IanG said...

There's a big Sallow above where I put my trap and I regularly see mice on there trying to get to the bird feeders behind the trap. I was doing a last minute 'Sallow shake' one night last week to see if there were any moths hiding among the leaves and a mouse dropped off....right into my waiting net!!.