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Saturday, 26 June 2010

A few pics

I was overly optimistic last night about how much time I'd have this morning. I was up before 5am to empty the garden moths traps, but I was completely knackered and went back to bed for a 'lie in' at 05:45 but didn't wake up again until gone 9.

I've got the boxes and vanes for two new traps coming thanks to Adrian Russell (a 250W MV & a 160W MBT) so I needed to sort out a control box for the former and egg trays / sheets for both. I also had a fridge full of moths from the the last few days to photograph quickly, I needed to load up the car, I've had to clear out some memory cards etc - all in preparation for this afternoon and tonight at Ketton. If the building heat and humidity we currently have holds it will be a monster list in the morning.

Anyway, I've still got four nights garden trapping to enter into MapMate and summarise - but it's going to have to wait now. In lieu of the data, here's the pics instead.

Peach Blossom - smart

Buff Arches - ditto

Blood-vein - pretty in pink

Barred Yellow - high-vis

Common Emerald - still green when fresh

Varied Coronet

Tawny Marbled Minor?? Probably

Marbled Minor?? Probably - but I always aggregate these unless gen detted

Eudonia pallida - pleased to take this again after it being a garden tick last year

Plum Tortrix

Epinotia abbreviana

And last but by no means least - a garden tick!

Epinotia rubiginosana


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Mark

Your Marbled Minor species is infact a Marbled White-spot, a nice looking Moth.

Getting some good catches I see! I managed 3 new ones last night, updates later!

All the best.

Skev said...

I can see what you mean Ben, there is a superficial similarity. However Marbled White Spot would be a totally unexpected garden tick for me, though it is a species is see regularly every year at various other sites. Cut and paste these links for photos of real Marbled White Spots for comparison, and on the presumed Marbled Minor posted here note esepcially the orangey-rufous thoracic tufts and general shape.