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Friday, 25 June 2010

Clearwing Tick

Strong warm sunshine when I got home from work today. I decided to get the lures out and nip off in search of a couple more species.

First up, I went south to Misterton Marsh near Lutterworth. It was c17:15 when I got there - out with the FOR lure, and I didn't have to wait long before I'd potted my first target ..

Red-tipped Clearwing - a sallow feeder, usually has two complete antennae

I netted at least 10 within a few minutes - great stuff. With this success, I decided to try a local pick you own just down the road from where I live. It was 17:45 when I got there. I'd tried this site a few times when I first had lures a few years ago but without any joy. This time I decided to just hang the TIP pheromone on the nearest hawthorn to the PYO and see what happened.

I hadn't finished tying the lure onto the stem before the first clearwing turned up, and by the time I'd got my net and pot ready there were loads zooming about, at least 40. in less than a minute!

Currant Clearwing - a currant feeder (obviously!)

Superb - and especially so as this is the first time I've recorded it making it a British and County Tick for me.

Tomorrow morning I'll post a summary of recent garden trapping including some micro-firsts. Then tomorrow I'm joining others for an impromptu Bio-Blitz at Ketton Quarry including an overnight trapping effort and more clearwing-ing.

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