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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Glow Worm & bombylans

Second post of the evening as I catch up.

Whilst out mothing, there is often something of interest aside from the moths. Out in Rutland and east Leicestershire, one of these things is Glow Worm beetles.

You try photographing a naturally bright green neon light in the pitch dark!

I've seen plenty of glowing flightless females over the years, but for some strange reason I've never actually bothered to have a closer look. Part of the reason I suppose is that when they are glowing, it is absolutely pitch-black and difficult to see them properly as they are usually partly hidden away with just the abdomen showing. I decided to pot one up for a closer look.

Glad I did - they are pretty superb looking even by daylight whilst not glowing. Hadn't expected the red markings on the side of the abdomen and was surprised how big they actually are.

To cap it all, we also had a male Glow Worm to the actinic trap - a whole lot less impressive though. Much more interesting was this bee-mimic hoverfly that was one one of the MV traps..

Volucella bombylans - I think.

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