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Sunday, 27 September 2009

A near miss, and the end is nigh

Last one from the Dungeness trip, and one that nearly got away. Whilst going through the traps we found a handful of tortricids that were initially dismissed as Garden Rose Tortrix, a very variable species. To his credit, Adrian thought something was not quite right and potted one to check. When I got home and started trawling through Razowski to identify other tortricids, I noticed a species that looked right for our Dungeness moth. I alerted Adrian and Keith, and before long we confirmed another new species for the night (and for me) - Acleris permutana Acleris permutana - specimen borrowed from Adrian, still fresh after a week in the fridge and a trip to Ravenstone for Keith to photograph! Meanwhile, the garden traps are still a bit crap with the clear cool nights. On Friday night a few of these appeared signalling that the final fling of the mothing season is upon us - another month and I'll have pretty much packed up my gear until next year. Blair's Shoulder-knot

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