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Friday, 18 September 2009

Natural Gore

Can there be anything more horrifying in the natural world than being eaten alive from within? One of the Large White larvae I found earlier in the week had attached itself to the lid of the box I put them in/ I assumed it was going to pupate - nothing obviously wrong with it and it had been feeding well. Just had a look to see that it has 'given birth' to a mass of smaller parasitic larvae that have presumably finished their cycle and have burst out to pupate themselves. And on top of all that horribleness - the Large White is still alive and no doubt feeling a bit slimmer. Grim Death Only thing remotely interesting from the garden traps last night was a first for the year Beaded Chestnut: Beaded Chestnut Good luck to anyone NMN mothing tonight, whether at home or away. We'll be out on what is the only half-decent remnant of anything resembling moorland in VC55 - Charnwood Lodge and Warren Hills.

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