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Sunday, 20 September 2009

National Moth Nights 2009

Well - we certainly made the effort both locally and afar. True to form the NMN jinx struck and we had two nights with less than ideal weather conditions (either clear, still and cold or clear and wind from wrong direction). On Friday night, we (me, Adrian Russell & Keith Tailby) ran a sheet and 3 traps at Warren Hills and 6 traps at Charnwood Lodge. We had very little to show for this effort, in fact the only highlight for me was a good showing of Flounced Chestnuts allowing me to get photos (have seen it before but a long while ago before I had a digital camera). Here's a montage - click for a bigger one. Flounced Chestnut - even the underside is nice Otherwise the usual fare, in small numbers. Even the super 250W metal halide trap was largely empty. 250W metal halide trap Bright white light at dusk Autumnal Rustic The only thing remotely interesting from my garden traps was this .. Brindled Green Full details to follow once lists have been collated, checked and confirmed as small. Yesterday we drove down to Dungeness to run lots of traps around the long pits area. We ran 20 in total (yes 20). The 20 traps, 9 generators, c20 cable reels and all other paraphernalia, including four blokes, got there in two Vectra estates - cavernous! We were obviously hopeful of some decent immigration but no joy. In fact the 20 traps were not exactly bulging although it was still a very enjoyable night. A few good species (as in ones we don't get here in VC55) which I'll expand on once I've got some photos and lists sorted.

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