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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Thornton Res. 13/02/2008

Another fantastic sunny day, so I nipped out of work over lunch to play with the camera at Thornton Res. I've never seen the place so busy - sadly this was with people (and in particular kids on half-term days out in the sun) rather than interesting birds. Nevertheless, I managed to grab a few shots. A bird table near the angling hut was busy, with the best birds on show being up to 5 Reed Buntings. A Nuthatch was knocking about there but never came close enough, and a Willow Tit flitted in and out too quickly. Alarm calling Crows overhead alerted me to the Buzzard they were mobbing, and a Kestrel briefly settled in a tree for a distant shot. Otherwise, the water was quiet apart from the greedy bastard feed-me birds at the car park.

Reed Buntings

Dunnock (or Hedge Accentor if you insist)


Common Buzzard & Carrion Crow

Black-headed Gull


Mute Swan


Tufted Duck


russmalin said...

You should see the place on a Sunday you can't park outside my bloody house....

Skev said...

I suppose that's the downside of living with a reservoir on your doorstep. I guess the immediate access to decent birding potential more than compensates in the long run though?

davidearlgray said...

Skev,were did you photo the Bee Orchid?