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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Garden birds

Today was mostly spent in Leicester City centre to make a few purchases with the kids that were not possible at Fosse Park or any of the main supermarkets. I hardly ever go into the centre these days unless beer/curry are involved. This was followed by another session trying to get Alex riding a stabiliserless bike.
Suffice to say the there was no time for getting out and about for more camera practice so I had to make do with some of the garden feeder visitors. Click for enlargement.


Anonymous said...

Looking good, mate. What lens are you using at the moment ?

Skev said...

Hello Keith. Very impressed so far with the camera - I'm still using it in the virtually fully automatic mode but easier to use than I thought it would be. The lens is a nothing-fancy-not-really-up-to-the-job-but-it-will-do EF90-300mm zoom. The favoured lens amongst other EOS users for general bird photography seems to be the IS100-400mm lens.

Skev said...

Forgot to say that I intend to keep using the 4500 for moth photography but will try to use the EOS for day-flying stuff and butterflies. Did you see the first load of images BTW (09/02/08).

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, all looking very nice.

I'm still using the 4500 as my main moth-camera, but day-fliers really need the SLR approsch.
I'm working on using the EOS for micros by using flash and diffusers but not got it sorted yet.