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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Art ..

.. or bollocks. Depends on your view. There are endless debates as to what constitutes art, what art is good etc. Personally I think that a sheep cut in half and suspended in formaldehyde is actually a waste of dinner and chemicals, and toilets are for plumbing in and using rather than displaying as an intellectual discussion piece. But what do I know.
What I do know, is that when I was at school 'art' generally referred to painting, drawing, modelling with clay and making collages, rather than some of the contemporary nonsense that wins the Turner Prize every so often. And frankly I was completely rubbish at it, and still am. I cannot draw or sketch anything, and my kids could all outdoodle me by the age of three.
Luckily for me, with a camera and Photoshop it is possible to produce images that could be considered artistic. Or bollocks - depends on your view.

Artistically manipulated Canada Goose images. Or Bollocks. Click for full size art gallery versions. Recommend me to Brian Sewell. Limited prints available for £35000.99 each.

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The Drunkbirder said...

You could also turn one into a watercolour.