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Monday, 18 February 2008


Both Groby Pool and the southern half of Swithland Reservoir were still frozen over late this morning. The sight of a Carrion Crow walking around in the middle of the latter was a clue.

You know it's cold when birds of differing species simultaneously loose a leg and Mute Swans try to use themselves as scarves.

Nothing of interest at Groby Pool, other than another definite candiate for the avian genocide that I'm planning for all hybrids, ferals and escapes.
Definite vermin.

The only other observation at Groby Pool was the extremely rare Trainer Duck Anas rebokensis.

What the ? How? I didn't bother to check if the owner was under the ice with the other shoe.

After a brief diversion into Swithland Wood, where Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Jay and Great Spot were all seen well but not photographable, I moved on to Swithland Reservoir. Best bird here was a redhead Smew (I didn't pick up either of the drakes reported over the past few days) amongst the many Goldeneye, Tufteds, Pochard and GC Grebes. Also a very confiding Grey Wagtail (super birds). All very relaxing - just the ticket after the shite early morning debacle.

Super bird.

Crows are ballsy birds. Evidently.

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