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Saturday, 25 May 2019

One Man Went To Mow ....

.... went and bloody well mowed the meadows I was hoping to sweep on Wednesday evening for an hour or so after work. I nipped to a local site that I refer to as Countesthorpe Meadows. I haven't been there for a long while, and as soon as I got there I had de ja vu.

It probably looked great a week or so before ....

Anyway, I swept around the margins and pointed my camera at a few bits. Nothing new or exciting, but still good practice. I was keen to see if I was still capable of pointing the camera at anything hand-held in the field without specs. Confirmed I need specs, these were lucky!

Cardinal Beetle

Common Malachite Beetle

Cantharis nigricans

Red-and-Black Froghopper

I was home very late from work yesterday, but managed to get the trap out for around 22:30. Turned out to be well worthwhile.

Puss Moth

Eyed Hawk-moth

Elachista albedinella


Ephestia unicolorella

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