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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

From The Garden Trap - Streaming

The garden moth trap was a little more interesting last night, at least from a species diversity point of view. But then a catch is always better when one of these is involved ....

Streamer - one of my favourite moths

On the other end of the aesthetics scale, this worn and unremarkable looking micro might turn out to be the best of the bunch. Or something completely boring, who knows! For the moment I am completely perplexed as to what it could be; wing-span c9mm and I can't see any protrusion of labial palps (though I suppose they could be damaged). Retained for gen det.


Post-script - collective wisdom is that this is Ocnerostoma friesei, and I think they're right but will get it detted to be sure. This will be a full Garden/County/British tick for me.

Otherwise there were two other NFY species. One behaved badly but looked good for a photo, the other behaved well but only after flapping itself stupid in the fridge during the day .......

Twenty-plume Moth 
If you count the ones you can see here, and recognise that there may be a couple more hidden underneath the forewing, you can see why it is often now called Many-plumed Moth

Brindled Beauty - not very beautiful


martinf said...

I usually get a single garden record of Streamer per year. Not had one yet....but have had it at the work trap.

Skev said...

It’s not annual here, and usually just the odd one when it does turn up.