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Thursday, 4 April 2019

Blue Planet Pre-recorded

I watched Blue Planet Live last week; some good stuff, some not so good - the Springwatch approach is no match for a proper Attenborough-esque epic is it. Anyway, good to see a variety of sharks, cetaceans and a few Green Turtles, even if the hatchlings of the latter were Silver Gull food.

Whilst in Barbados during our cruise last year, we had a chance to go on a 'swimming with turtles' snorkelling trip. Despite the tangle of legs and slightly contrived nature of the event (the tour leaders were baiting the turtles with feed pellets) it was a great experience and we got fantastic close views of lumbering Green Turtles passing by and beneath us. I managed to grab a bit of footage on my GoPro, from which I've grabbed the following frame - not Blue Planet live as this was in early December. Click for really big.

Green Turtle - Carlisle Bay, Barbados

And here's a short snippet without intruding legs ....

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