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Thursday, 5 January 2012

2011 A to Z

Here's my belated and haphazard version of the old blog padder 'Review of the Year', and an excuse to back-link to a few bits and photos from last year. It's mainly an easy means for anyone new to this blog to delve back and see how diverse the nonsense I post can be ......

A is for Acleris
Of the new for garden highlights, there are potentially four new Acleris spp. which are being subjected to gen. det. including a possible VC55 first Acleris logiana (24/02/2011), a possible first post-VCH Acleris schalleriana (22/03/2011), a garden first Acleris ferrugana/notana (15/03/2011) and a probable garden first confirmed Acleris laterana (several, just haven't had one detted before).

B is for Broomrape
Being botanically inept didn't stop me from finding the first spikes of Knapweed Broomrape recorded in Leicestershire (though not VC55 as it is known from several sites in Rutland).

C is for Caterpillars
Several interesting new caterpillars found during the year, including Pale Brindled Beauty, July Highflyer and best of all Small Ranunculus.

D is for Darters and Dropwings
Some smart small odonata seen in Sevilla; Red-veined Darter, Violet Dropwing and Orange-winged Dropwing.

E is for Epiblema grandaevana
Big tortrix highlight.

F is for Fungi
A few new ones for me this year, like Shaggy Parasol, Velvet Shank, Candlesnuff and Glistening Inkcap.

G is for Garden
Pottering about in the garden in late summer with a digital camera is always a chance for something interesting to hit the sensor.

G is also for Gulls - Big Gulls, Small Gulls, Greedy Gulls, Nice Gulls, Immature Gulls and Plain Ugly Gulls

H is for Hawk-moths
With the highlights being this superb garden first Privet Hawk-moth, and this garden first form of Lime Hawk-moth.

I is for Inconsiderate Spotty Bastard
The long-staying blocker-busting Spotted Sand at Rutland Water.

J is for Journalism
Shoddy journalism at that.

K is for Ketton Quarry
A whopping list from a great overnighter at this favoured VC55 site.

L is for Listing
There are only two types of Naturalists: Listers and Liars (a twist on the old joke about blokes - yes, you know the one). I finally broke and pulled together a Pan-species List.

M is for Mothing
Only one way to do out of garden mothing properly ....

M is also for Music
Like this, this, this, this, this and this. And this, and this. And this.

N is for Nostalgia

N is also for North Devon, it's beaches and gardens.

O is for Orchids
A successful first-ever plant twitch for me. Dave Gray found the first Bird's-nest Orchid in VC55 for c30 years and it would have been rude not to go and have a look.

P is for Psychidae
The annual courtesy look-see at the Swithland bagworms.

Q is for Queen ..
.. and her mentally retarded spouse.

R is for Reptiles
Another excellent foray to Ketton Quarry for Adders.

S if for Skeletal Remains
I found teasing the bits out of Barn Owl Pellets oddly therapeutic.

T is for Trap

U is for Urban Birding
At sites like Watermead CP South.

V is for Vagrancy and Variety
As ever, during the year on many occassions I mixed some varied stuff in the same post.

W is for Waxwing, Wood Sand, Wagtail and Wheatear. And wader.
Some great photo opportunities during the year.

X is for Xanthoria parietina
A common lichen.

Y is for Yellow Shell, Yellow Slug, Yellow Horned, Yellow Wagtail, Yellow-line Quaker and Yellow Rattle.

Z is for Zelleria hepariella
A garden first on 26/06/2011 which evaded the camera, and another on 13/10/2011 photographed badly and shown below for the first time to ensure a full alphabetical round-up!


Steve Gale said...

Bloody 'ell Skev, that 2011 review must have taken some time to link together. I might nick the formula for my 2012 round up... cheers!

Skev said...

Thanks Steve - the linking was the easy part really, it was trying to find or associate bits with some of the letters that caused some procrastination!