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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bugging Me

Time for some relief from moths, though nothing exciting bird-wise to post (haven't felt the urge to open the wallet, take time off of work and chase that crane all over the place, or to go and look at 'odd' Little Stints). I have noticed a couple of birdy things over the last couple of days though - c40 Pied Wags descending onto roofing at the Meridian leisure park on Friday evening, and a huge vis-mig movement of Skylarks SW over my garden yesterday morning (all seven of them).

These two are new for me (at least in the sense of taking the time to find out what they are). Both from the garden, and both from the moth traps one way or another ...

Tree Damsel Bug - found this sitting on top of my traps before I put them out on Friday evening

Birch Shieldbug - one of several in the trap on Saturday morning (and one I've definitely overlooked before)

In keeping with the theme of the post, here's are some excellent tracks from The Bug. Whack it up loud if your system can take it ....

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