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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fungi, Mining and Recycling in the Garden

Here's some bits from the garden this week.

First up, I found a few toadstools on one side of the garden in various states of development. I think they may be an Inocybe sp. (maybe Inocybe maculata?). Of course they could well be nothing of the sort.

No idea on this one - it is growing right at the base of the main trunk on the Lilac bush in the garden.

Also a few vacated Stigmella aurella and splendidissimella mines as last year, plus these very fresh new tenanted mines that I'll keep an eye on that are Emmetia marginea (thanks Matt).

Finally, back on 13/10/2011 when I got home from Sevilla, literally as I walked up the driveway I heard a glazed thud and found a very feshly deceased and bleeding Dunnock under the window. I decided to give it the dignity in death of being recycled and dumped it underneath a bush on the front garden. I then forgot about it until this week when milling about with the camera. Doesn't look anything like a Dunnock now!

In case you haven't noticed, I've worked out how to add pages to the blog which I'll progressively add and update as and when I can be arsed and have nothing better to write or do!


Matt said...

Hi Mark, the mines on bramble looks like 125 Emmetia marginea. They also attack my raspberries!

Skev said...

Thanks Matt - looks a good match on British Leafminers.