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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sevilla 09/10/2011

Today's bus trip didn't quite go as planned - too cervesa addled to explain right now so here's some shots in the meantime ...

Lot's Sardinian Warblers today, most seen better than photographed ...

Clouded Yellow

A very knackered Cardinal

Brown Argus

Spoladea recurvalis


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Mark

I believe the wtf Butterfly is a worn Cardinal, i've seen these in Almeria, also the Crambid is Spoladea recurvalis.
I take it you are still in Spain?

All the best

Skev said...

Thanks Ben - I'll check out Cardinal. I knew I'd see the pyralid before - think there was one on the Portland Bill website last week.
I'm here in Sevilla for a few more days - I flew in early for a business network meeting (flights worked well with a direct return from East Mids - Sevilla). The meeting starts today so fewer opportunities to get out until Wednesday pm.

Trent Duval said...

Hi Skev,There has been a small influx of S. recurvalis on last weeks southerlies,and your pics have given me the idea of planting some Lantana next year, nectarliscious !