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Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Several things conspired late yesterday that prevented me twitching; I had planned to get up in the early hours to drive to Suffolk and tick that twatting Crane, but late notice changes in work committments made such irresponsibility out of the question. I needed to be in the office for late morning and getting to Suffolk and back in the available time would have left little or no time to look for/enjoy the bird. Back in the days before I had real work responsibilities, I'd have gone without a second thought and sorted out the consequences with the manager later, but these days (being a manager) it's just not that simple. Luckily I have almost completely cured myself of the urge to bugger off on a whim to twitch out of county, but that Crane is starting to bug me now. I'll have no chance now as I fly to Seville on Saturday on business for a week, will be heavily constrained the following weekend and then I'm away on holiday for a week. Hopefully it will just sod off to France tomorrow.

I haven't sorted the records yet, but here's some moths from last night ....

Silver Y

Silver Y


Spruce Carpet


beast said...

That's badass stuff Mark...and try as you may to put this bird out of your mind it will be virtually impossible..until it either fucks off or dies....or you actually get to see the thing in a couple o weeks time..

"Almost cured"...?

Tell yourself was a tarts tick as soon as it hung around up north on mainland...and now its an even a bigger tart verging on being a complete whore of a tarty tasting sponge cake smothered with a very tarty sauce...

[Actually that makes it worse don't it]...?...i'll shut the fuck up...for a change..

Skev said...

Thanks Beast, almost as helpful as seeing Kit Day's crippling surfbirds photo!